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Your Partner in Wellness.

Embrace Collective Wellness with Fitlink.

Join the Fitlink family and transform your wellness journey! Our app works with all major fitness trackers, creating a one-stop hub for your health and fitness data. Be part of a community that values health and wellness. With Fitlink, you're not just improving your health, you're joining a movement. Start your journey today!

Personal Wellness, Made Simple.

With Fitlink, personal wellness is at your fingertips. Set your goals, track your progress, and watch as you become a healthier, happier you.
And the best part?
It's free!

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Rewards that Motivate.

With Fitlink, every step towards your health goals earns you points. These points unlock exclusive rewards, giving you access to health and fitness-related goodies.
It's our way of saying 'well done'!


All Your Health Data,
One Platform.

Fitlink works with your favourite wearables and apps, bringing all your health data together. Track your sleep, mindfulness, water intake, and physical activity all in one place. It's health tracking, simplified.

Did you know? 83% of people don't get enough daily exercise

Fact: Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day can shorten your lifespan

Sick days cost the UK £92 billion per year. 74% of these are due to poor physical health

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Fitlink is revolutionising fitness across industries — from employee well-being to health insurance to sports fans, and beyond.

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