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Experience happiness and unity with Fitlink - the app that connects us all.

Bring everyone together with Fitlink.

Unleash the power of personal wellness with Fitlink! Our innovative app seamlessly integrates with all major fitness trackers to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health, fitness, and wellness. Whether you use multiple devices or wearables, Fitlink brings all your health metrics together in one convenient platform. Join a supportive community and experience the benefits of a healthy company culture. Start your journey to a happier and healthier you with Fitlink today!

Fitlink is free for personal use.

Transform your health with Fitlink! Set and track your personal wellness goals daily and get rewarded for your progress. Our app provides the motivation and tools you need to achieve your health aspirations and lead a happier, healthier life.

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Rewards work.

Reap the benefits of your hard work with Fitlink's reward program! As you hit your health goals, earn points that unlock access to a curated collection of health and fitness-related rewards. Our team negotiates exclusive discounts and promotions from our partners, providing unbeatable savings on the products and services you need to live your best life.


Love it? Sync it.

Bring all your favourite wearables and apps together and easily track your progress in one convenient platform. Experience the power of a unified approach to your health and fitness goals.

Monitor and improve sleep, mindfulness, water intake, and physical activity, fostering healthy habits and a happier lifestyle.

83% of people don't take the recommended level of daily exercise

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day increases the risk of premature death

Sick days cost the UK £92 billion per year, with 74% due to poor physical health

Ready to discover how Fitlink can benefit your team?

Empower your health journey with Fitlink! Our app gives you the tools to inspire and motivate yourself and others to get moving, overcome obstacles, and feel a sense of community. With Fitlink, you'll have access to a fun, effective, and inclusive platform that genuinely works. Join the game and start your wellness journey today!

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