Fit Link

Do you track your health and fitness and want to share, compare and compete with others plus get rewarded for staying fit, healthy and happy?


When you track activities with apps like Strava, RunKeeper or Nike, it’s not easy to view each other’s progress. In fact, it’s impossible!

That’s why we made Fit Link, to solve this problem and now it’s a global platform connecting and rewarding people from around the world.

Stay fit, healthy and happy with Fit Link


Join and Connect

You join with your Facebook or email and once logged in you connect your activity tracker(s).

You might use more than one which is fine as we support all activity types.


Follow and Compare

You can follow other users on Fit Link to get an insight into their training. Status updates and activities will show up in your main feed of all the people you follow. Think Twitter for fitness!


Get Rewarded

Miles tracked with Fit Link are worth points which can be spent on rewards. When you first start, most rewards will be locked so you have to track enough miles to unlock them, which can get quite addictive!


Activity Insight

We pull in the activity stats including pace, distance, times, heart rate and the route map. You can also upload a picture to your activity and those stats get printed on the picture so you can share it on social media. Be proud and share those moments!


Share and Learn

It’s all about sharing your progress, moments, advice, tips, pictures and routes with the community so we can learn from each other.


For Business

Fit Link for Business supports businesses of all sizes with their active travel and corporate wellness goals. We provide the technology and expertise to enable businesses to educate, promote and reward an active and healthy lifestyle.

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For Partners

Are you a sports or health and fitness brand looking to unlock a new targeted channel of customers and sales?

We have the data, technology and insight to know exactly when and what the user wants and that’s where we help our partners. We offer a platform, the tools and the data for you to market your service or product in a revolutionary and powerful way.

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Global Movement

Fit Link is a global movement of athletes powered by activity trackers and wearable technology allowing you to connect, compare, compete and share plus get rewarded for training.