Get Fit Together

Don’t let your fitness apps keep you apart.

Join a global health and fitness club by connecting
the activity trackers you are already using.

Get Connected. Get Active. Get Rewarded.

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One App To Connect Them All

Want to use an app for meditation, a watch for running, an HR monitor for cycling, a band for swimming or an app for yoga?

No problem, we combine all of these trackers into one single feed inside Fitlink App.

Supported Trackers

We support all leading activity trackers, wearables and devices.
Simply connect your tracker to Fitlink. That’s it. No setup needed.

Get Rewarded for Being Active

We convert activities tracked into points and those points unlock amazing rewards for you to claim plus rank you in league leaderboards. Earning rewards for being active is a great way to keep us incentivised and motivated to get active.

Enjoy The Perks

We handpick a selection of amazing health and fitness related rewards for you to unlock and redeem.
To claim these rewards, download the app, get active and track some activities with Fitlink!

Become A Reward Partner

Hashtag: Nailed It

Take that action selfie. You can add pictures to activities and share them on your social networks. Let people know when hard work pays off. Proud moments should be shared. #fitlinkapp

Simple. Social. Fun

Connect your activity trackers to start combining data.
You can challenge and compete with anyone in the world.


We work with Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit. Simply connect all your fitness apps, activity trackers and wearables into one app.


Fitlink combines all your fitness data into one feed, and converts that data into points to rank you in leagues and to unlock rewards.

getting fit


Challenge and compete with each other in activity based leagues that are great for friends, groups, clubs and work colleagues.