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Different people. Different trackers.
One app

The happy app that connects us.

Fitlink makes mental health, fitness and wellness attainable on a personal level. That’s why it works. It syncs with all major trackers, connecting them all on one app. Even when using different wearables and devices, people can engage with and benefit from all the perks of a team. Camaraderie and a healthy company culture is the natural result.

Bring your own tracker. Focus on what matters to you.

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Get smart data & measurable stats that matter in the board room.

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Boost engagement & productivity. Happy people. Happy profit.

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Let us show you why it works
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Investing in employee mental health sees an average return of £5 for every £1 spent.

Deloitte analysis (January 2020)

Gain powerful data. Download reports. Watch employee engagement boost your bottom line

Bet you didn’t think it could be this easy.
That’s what you get when you invest in great tech.


Your Secure Dashboard.

The numbers don’t lie. Gain personalised analytics and actually track the wellness and productivity of your team. Generate regular reports to show improvement, identify gaps, and implement changes that drive engagement.

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Your Bespoke Website.

Get a personalised and branded website with content that you can edit and manage. The site is used as a tool to communicate with your employees, to showcase the rewards and benefits, and it’s an activation point for new joiners.

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A Mobile App That Is Simple, Social & Fun.

Fitlink works because it connects to activity trackers and health apps that people are already using. Simple. Build leagues, set challenges, create competition with gamification, and unlock great perks and rewards.

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Cool Rewards For Your Team.

Users can unlock and redeem a selection of great health and fitness-related rewards. Exclusive discounts and offers from our reward partners, as well as any customised incentives you add yourself.

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Your Powerful Knowledge Base.

We’re here to help. Fitlink provides all the tools, support, and information you need for successful campaigns. We help to highlight current insights, and provide you with ideas and ready-to -go challenges to boost employee engagement.

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Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year.

Deloitte analysis (January 2020)

Inactivity is described by the Department of Health as a “silent killer”.


Not another fitness app.
This is an employee wellness movement that works. And your
people need it right now.

So we did some extensive research and wrote a white paper on it.
We’re really passionate about this. Can you tell?

Secrets to a happy, healthy & effective workforce.

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"Exercise is the miracle cure we’ve always had, but for too long we’ve neglected to take our recommended dose."

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