5 Reasons to Get Your Remote Team Moving

Get your remote workforce fit now. Here are our top 5 reasons to get your remote team moving. Keeping you and your team fit and healthy when working from home is so important.

Multiple sports.

Improved Brain Function

Brain function is boosted within minutes of exercising. A 20 minute walk can make a huge difference to brain health which has a huge impact on the performance and productivity of your team.

Reduced Stress

Exercise will reduce stress levels and help your team stay focused and relaxed. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins which make you feel good.

Boost Energy Levels

The more you move, the more energy you have. Another way to boost your energy? Use Fitlink to stay connected with leagues to compete with each other. It’s exciting to see who burns the most calories, takes the most steps, or has the most active minutes. You also get rewarded for keeping fit.

Improved Mood

Your team will be healthier and happier if they get fitter! You’ll notice a difference in the days and weeks after you implement fitness into your employees lives.

Improved Productivity

Healthy, fit and happy employees = A productive workforce!

With technology like Fitlink, you’ll be more connected than ever. Challenge your colleagues and friends and watch how your fitness journey evolves.

Fitlink is a unique platform to help your people succeed – in business and in life. Our main products – Learn, Inspire and Thrive will help your employees love where they work.

We’re giving all businesses a 1 month free trial of Fitlink (no credit card details required).

Contact us and we will make sure you are set up and well on your way to supporting the wellbeing of your remote workforce.