About us

About us

When tracking activities on apps like Strava, RunKeeper, Nike and Runtastic it’s not easy to view each other’s progress. In fact, it’s impossible!

Whilst training it’s important to view, compare, benchmark and learn from fellow athletes, friends and clubs, but, with the disconnected world of activity tracker apps, that’s impossible to do. So we built Fit Link to solve this problem and now it’s turned into a global platform connecting and rewarding people and businesses from around the world.

We’re Global

Fit Link is a Norwich (UK) based company that connects, promotes and rewards like-minded people who want to stay fit, healthy and happy. Members connect their activity tracker(s) to Fit Link so they can challenge, compete, compare and share with each other plus tracked miles equal points and points equal rewards. We are a global community with members spread across 330 cities worldwide and we are growing rapidly every day.

Fit Link for Business

Fit Link has a Business Solution which promotes active travel and corporate wellness for employees during their working week. Fit Link for Business offers organisations of all sizes an app bespoke to their brand that tracks employee’s fitness levels and encourages friendly competition with league tables. Employees are rewarded for choosing active travel options to and from work and during breaks rather than using traditional commuting methods.

Learn more about Fit Link for Business here.

Fit Link for Partners

Fit Link offers brands the opportunity to advertise, market and connect their brand directly to their target market at a moment that matters most – when they are working out, training and in the zone! We have the data, technology and insight to know exactly when and what the user wants to buy and that’s where we help our partners. We offer a platform, the tools and the data for you to market your service or product directly to the customer in a revolutionary and powerful way. So if you are a sports, health and fitness brand looking to increase sales then get in contact.

Learn more about Fit Link for Partners here.

Fit Link for Community (coming soon)

We will partner and support local communities (clubs, groups, councils, orgs, charities, etc).

The Team

We’re a small and passionate team brought together by a single vision of helping people and businesses stay fit, healthy and happy. We have a global presence and Fit Link team members on most continents. We are always looking for like-minded people to join the team so if you think you have what it takes, check out our current openings and send us a message.

The Future

We’re on a mission to help as many people and businesses around the world and our aim is to be the number one health and fitness platform in the world. Think Facebook for social, LinkedIn for business and now Fit Link for Health and Fitness! We are only just getting started and have grand plans to rapidly grow and make a real difference for individuals and businesses alike. We won’t stop until all people and businesses are fit, healthy and happy!

Our Mission

To connect and reward people and companies from around the world to be fit, healthy and happy