We like to move it.

We believe that fitness, health and wellness doesn’t have to be an impossible task. That it can
be fun and bring people together as they make real and life-altering changes.

Team work, high five.

People. Planet. Profit.

Health and wellness extends beyond our own bodies. It begins with the environment that surrounds us. The 3Ps of sustainability are at the core of everything we do: People. Planet. Profit. In that order.

We are committed to motivating, inspiring and caring for people. To respecting the planet’s valuable resources and truly loving nature as our source of wellness. And we aim to produce profit without waste.

Woman hugging the earth.
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The Fitlink crew is an assorted bunch of creatives, thinkers, adventure seekers, and fun lovers. Each
driven by a deep passion for getting people moving, inspired, fit, healthy, and happy.

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Paul Gosnell

Founder, idea man, and lover of all things startup. He’s a barefoot shoes believer, and enjoys the occasional 100km run.

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Dave McMillan

Head of product, people person, keen swimmer and surfer. He’s a talented guitarist, and loves a top notch craft beer.

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Brett Meyer

Head of design, avid surfer and mountain biker. He’s even hitchhiked over the worlds highest motorable pass in the Himalayas.

Luke Siedle

Head of tech, software genius and coffee guru. He’s quite the poet and singer, and loves hiking ‘in the bush’ (aka on safari).

Stretching exercises.

Candice McMillan

Head of marketing, lover of words, and professional singer. She loves an outdoor run, and may have a slight obsession with hats.

Breathing and relaxation exercises.

Nicola Hallett-Campbell

Head of social, strong leader, yoga lover, and professional dancer. She’s a nature whisperer, keen runner, and can cook up a mean lasagne.

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We’re a remote first, close-knit team, working from various locations around the world.