Boost Your Brain Power When You Work From Home

Being fit is more important than ever. Here’s how great exercise is for your brain and body:

Boost your brain power

Boost Your Brain Power

1. It helps your memory

Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, will boost your brain power and improve your memory. Just 20 minutes of aerobic activity can help information processes and memory functions in the brain.

2. It can make your brain more flexible

Neuroplasticity is the ability of your brain to change when you learn and experience new things. Both aerobic exercise and strength training has been proven to make your brain more able to learn new things and become more flexible.

3. It boosts focus

Exercise increases blood flow to your brain. This nourishes the brain with oxygenated blood which has been proven to increase your focus and concentration.

4. It makes you more creative

Research shows that exercise helps you organise and interpret information. Just one workout can start the process. Over the long-term exercise will change the white matter in the brain which helps your brain cells connect.

5. It makes you more productive

One study found that if you exercise at work, you’ll increase your productivity by an amazing 72 per cent. Exercise can improve workplace productivity greatly. If employees sit less and move more, they’ll improve things like time management and overall performance.

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