Easy Fitness Ideas to Get You Fit, Healthy and Happy

Try these easy fitness ideas and get yourself on the road to fitness fast!

Transform yourself and your friends into the fittest, happiest, healthiest and most productive people they can be.

You might even get those who don’t like exercise moving for good! Use these ideas combined with clever tech like Fitlink and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Although you might be exercising apart, you’ll be more connected than ever…

These 3 ideas are simple, but really work, especially when combined with an app and platform like Fitlink.

Make it social, get connected and reward yourself for being fit.

Easy Fitness Ideas


There are so many reasons why you should walk more. Boosting brain power is one of them, therefore taking a 10 minute break every few hours when you work from a desk is a great way to feel energised.


Get out for a bike ride and you’ll come back feeling energised! It’s a really easy way to get fit.


Running can be one of the best ways to connect. That’s a great thing, especially during these times.

It’s so easy to exercise with Fitlink. You’ll download an app where you can compete in leagues, earn rewards and get fit together. You’ll be highly motivated and full of energy whilst working out with your friends and colleagues virtually!