Foam Roller Exercises For Remote Workers

These foam roller exercises are a great way to relieve muscle tightness and inflammation and increase your full joint range of motion. It makes it a great tool for home workers. Do this during your active breaks in the workday or before or after exercise. 

Foam Roller Workout For Remote Workers

Do these key exercises and you’ll reap the rewards.


Sit on the floor, legs out straight, with a foam roller under your right calf. Lift your hips off the floor. Start at your Achilles tendon and move up. Remember to rotate so you hit the lateral and medial calf. Repeat on the left calf. 


Sit on the floor with a foam roller under your hamstrings. Stack the other leg on top. Roll up and down the length of the hamstrings. Again target the lateral and medial parts by adjusting your body position.


Lie face down on the floor (elbows and forearms for a triangle) Place a foam roller under things Roll up and down the entire length of your things. You can increase intensity by crossing one leg over with a focus on one side..


Lie on your back with a foam roller under the outside of your mid back, just below the ribcage. Roll between the mid back and pelvis. Swap and do the other side.


Start in the same position as you did for the quads but place the foam roller under your hips. Roll on the front and slightly to the outside of your thigh, just below your pelvis.

Quick Tips:

Start with light pressure and build up as you get used to foam rolling. You may find it painful at first if your muscles are tight. Slowly roll tight areas for 10 seconds, then get up to 30-60 seconds when they get more supple. Drink lots of water to help with recovery and don’t forget to give Fitlink a go so you can get fit together. Focus on your fitness and you’ll see the rewards. Let us know in the comments if you try it.

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