For Business

Running or walking to work is a great way to start the day!

Fit, Healthy and Happy Companies

Fit Link for Business supports organisations of all sizes with their Active Travel and Corporate Wellness goals and commitments.

We provide the technology and expertise to enable businesses to educate, promote and reward an active and healthy company culture.

Encouraging staff to take part in active travel for their commute is not just a tick box exercise for corporate social responsibility but a fantastic way to encourage a happier and healthier workforce.

A healthy investment that pays rewarding dividends!

Business Benefits

Align to CSR Commitments

Meet targets through active travel and reduction of CO2

Employee Well-being

Fitter, healthier and happier staff

Employee Productivity

Healthy and happy staff are more productive

Employee Retention and Turnover

Look after your staff and they will stay


Companies that look after their staff are more attractive to candidates

Reduce Absenteeism

Healthy staff are 20% less likely to take time off

Save the Planet

Active travel means fewer cars on the roads and less CO2

Save Money

Minimise demand for car-parking so, therefore, wear and tear on car parks

Staff Benefits

Fit Link for Business Bespoke to your brand

Promote Active Travel

Fit Link for Business offers businesses technology that tracks employee’s fitness levels and encourages friendly competition within league tables.

Employees are encouraged to choose active travel options to and from work and during breaks rather than using traditional commuting methods.

Reward Change

Fit Link’s app allows users to track their walking, running and cycling habits, rewarding them with points for distance and time achievements. These points add up to equal rewards – and in the Business version of the app, an employer can choose what this may be to suit their engagement aims.

We’ve found that ‘time off rewards’ are more popular than gift vouchers with both employers and employees.

Improve Company Culture

Fit Link for Business will be branded for employers as they wish, offering a seamless app experience for the workforce to interact with.

Individual employees and departments love to challenge and compete with each other and Fit Link enables this healthy competition.

It can also work alongside staff well-being policies and CSR initiatives.

The Solution

Getting rewarded for staying fit and healthy!

What can we do for your business?

  • Create a positive and healthy change to your company culture
  • Provide the technology and expertise to setup and support change
  • Supply reports on modal shift and ROI to support CSR commitments
  • Reward healthy and happy staff in an engaging and modern way
  • Educate and empower your company to embrace a healthy culture

What do you get?

  • Custom branded website to promote and activate users
  • Custom branded native app(s) exclusive to your organisation
  • Reports highlighting modal shift, effectiveness and cost savings
  • Dashboard area to manage and monitor the campaign
  • Account manager to support and grow your account
  • Technical and marketing support

When and how long?

  • Week 1 – setup and go live with your branded website
  • Week 2 – agree, create and setup leagues and challenges
  • Week 3 – source and load preferred rewards
  • Week 4 – launch campaign with rewards and challenges
  • Ongoing – measure success and report on modal shift

Stats & Facts

It’s a fact that healthy people are more productive

Healthy Productive Staff

Employees who cycle, run or walk to work are fitter, healthier, happier, and less likely to take sick days. A survey of people who cycle on the National Cycle Network found they take nearly half as many sick days as the average UK worker.

Reduced Costs

GlaxoSmithKline found that investing in those willing to give up their cars enabled them to make an annual saving of £2,000 per car parking space reduced. Transport for London has estimated that removing one car parking space could save up to £2,000 per year in high-density urban areas.

Less Congestion

Rush-hour congestion can have an impact on the economy by preventing the movement of goods and services. Congestion on England’s roads cost the economy over £10 billion a year in urban areas alone in 2009 and could rise to £22 billion by 2025.

Lower Carbon Emissions

The total cost of the carbon emissions for car trips made in the UK each year is £3.98 billion. If the journeys made on the National Cycle Network during 2012 had been by car the potential CO2 emitted during the year would have been 883,904 tonnes, at a cost of £51.2 million.

Attract and Retain Talent

The ‘millennials’ (those born after 1983) will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. They think that their employer should be doing more to reduce their impact on the environment, particularly in terms of reducing resource scarcity and combatting climate change.

Next Steps

What does it look like?

We’d love to demo the solution to you so please use the form on the right and we’ll reply within 1 business day to setup a presentation.

How much does it cost?

Each solution is tailored to your companies type and size, but as a guide, a 1-year license starts at £12,500.00 / $16,316.00 (US) / $20,476.00 (AU) for a small organisation with a single location.

Where do we sign-up?

Use the form to book in a call or a face-to-face where we will demo the solution and share some success stories of how we’ve helped other companies just like yours. It’s then a 6-week turnaround to have the platform and campaign live and working.