Get More Exercise When Working From Home

Here are some ways to get more exercise when working from home:

Getting more exercise when working from home can be easy and working from home can actually make it easier for you to keep fit. Here are some easy ideas on how to do it:

Get More Exercise with Active Breaks

Every hour, stand up and go for a 5-10 minute break. Perhaps go and grab a glass of water, go for a brisk walk around the block or a do a couple dozen push ups and sit ups.  Active breaks will give you more active minutes and help you reach your fitness goals throughout the day.  Remember that just  a few ten minute active breaks will give you 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise in the day.

Stand Up More

Perhaps use a standing desk or change where you sit every couple of hours. Using a standing desk or, better, an active workstation can really help offset the negative impacts associated with having a sedentary job. 

Walk around when you use the phone

People who are in constant motion, burn more calories. Next time you take a call or video call, get up from your seat and pace up and down or around the block. This is a great way to get your active minutes in throughout the day. Try it next time you’re on a Zoom call or video chat.

Get Motivated

Perhaps challenge  your employees and colleagues to a step challenge? Who can can take the most steps during the week? Get them all motivated and inspire them to improve their fitness. A challenge like this can be created using our clever tech and it can be completely virtual. You can do your own activity individually but feel more connected than ever.

If you make it a priority to exercise when working from home you’ll be rewarded for it. Go out there and give it a go!

Exercise When Working From Home

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