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Get ahead with easy to use technology that checks your health and wellness boxes, boosts enagagement,
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Smart tech.

Occupants connect using the trackers
they’re already using.

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Happy people.

Well-being is prioritised and rewarded. Healthy, productive communities flourish.

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Analytics show your impact on the health & wellness of your people & the environment.

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Developers of healthy indoor environments, that support occupant well-being, reported better than expected sales and leasing.

Research from the Urban Land Institute’s “Building for Wellness: The Business Case”

Score Points In Health Impact Categories.

Fitwel, and other healthy building certifications, take a comprehensive approach to assessing the well-being status of a building and its occupants. Fitlink addresses these categories with a leading health and wellness portal that makes well-being do-able for everyone.

Increase physical activity.

Fitlink gets occupants fit, promotes physical activity in your building, and incorporates opportunities for movement into everyday life. From active travel, to taking the stairs and expanding the use of indoor fitness areas, every movement counts. The platform is designed to make physical activity fun, do-able and rewarding for everyone.

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Instil a feeling of well-being.

Fitlink tracks activity, sleep, water intake and mindfulness. Encourage relaxation and rejuvenation for individuals through these four well-being pillars. Also facilitate feelings of well-being that come from getting outside, breathing clean air, connecting to nature, and connecting with others through shared fitness and wellness challenges and events.

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See more productivity & less sickness.

Fitlink provides people with guidance and motivation to get active and achieve health goals in simple, everyday tasks. Creating a healthy, wellness-conscious environment helps people to feel better, get better and work better everyday. And with smart analytics and reporting you can track improvements, identify gaps and drive engagement.

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Impact your community.

Use Fitlink to integrate exercise into your building’s gym, provide classes on the property for community members to participate in, promote exercise and active travel to and from the building, and more. Create leagues where users can interact with one another and create a truly social, active community.

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Support vulnerable populations.

Fitlink brings people together. We believe that everyone should have access to health-promoting activities in a way that is do-able for them. Anyone can join, using the trackers that work for them, focussing on the areas that matter to them. Points are based on calories burned (regardless of how those calories are burned) so no movement is excluded. This makes It accessible for people of all ages, those who may have some movement restrictions, and more.

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Make healthy choices.

Fitlink rewards people for their wellness achievements. Meaningful incentives are motivation to start being active, but more importantly, to continue this healthy lifestyle. Fitlink works alongside health conscious reward partners to provide users with things like discounts on good food options in the building or at local outlets, helping them to have easier, more cost-effective access to these options. Fitlink also provides a healthy food map for discovering these healthy food outlets in your local area. In addition to this, the app also promotes regular drinking water intake.

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69% percent of building owners who implemented healthy building strategies showed better employee satisfaction and engagement and directly correlated this with positive job performance and firm value.

Dodge Data & Analytics research

Not another fitness app.
This is an occupant wellness movement that works.

Clever tech keeps you ahead of the innovation pack. Fitlink helps to make your occupant health and wellness requirements attainable and easy to manage with a simple app. Because that’s what you get when you invest in great technology.

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"Strong cultures of health foster better health behaviours."

Consumer Health Mindset Report

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WELL v2™ Certificate

The WELL v2™ pilot is the next version of the pioneering WELL Building Standard™, the first rating system to focus exclusively on the impacts of buildings on human health and wellness.

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Fitwel v2.1 Certificate

v2.1 advances the Fitwel vision where every building and community is optimised for health.

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