What is Fitlink?

Fitlink is an app that allows anyone who tracks their health and fitness activities to join like-minded people to compete, compare and share plus get rewarded for being active. We convert calorie burnt data into points that unlock rewards for you to claim.

We’re on a mission to make the world fitter, healthier and happier so join us and spread the word.

Getting started with Fitlink

  1. Download Fitlink App for free from the App Store
  2. Create a profile with your email address
  3. Connect your Strava, RunKeeper or Apple Health
  4. Join or create a league, invite and challenge friends compete with you
  5. Get outside and track some activities!
  6. When you complete an activity Fitlink will grab the data it needs to update the league leaderboard plus adds to your reward points total
  7. Check out the rewards section of the app to see what rewards you’ve unlocked
  8. Find and follow friends or other Fitlink members to see their activities appear in your main feed

What are Fitlink Rewards?

We work with health and fitness brands to bring you exciting and relevant rewards. To claim one of these rewards you first have to earn enough points by tracking your activities.

If you haven’t already, go and download the Fitlink App and connect your activity tracker, track an activity and you will earn some points. Earn enough points and you will unlock the rewards. The more points you earn, the more rewards you will unlock. When you have unlocked a preferred reward you can ‘spend’ your points on that reward. The reward will be emailed to you for you to go a redeem.

Do we support Fitbit?

Fitlink does not directly currently connect with Fitbit but its something we are working on and will support soon.

Fitbit does not connect to Apple Health either and the number one requested feature on the Fitbit website for the past 2 years, is Apple Health support. Apple has stopped selling Fitbit’s in their Apple Stores.

As a temporary workaround, there are some apps you can use that will sync your Fitbit data to Apple Health and if you have connected your Apple Health to Fitlink then we will get your Fitbit data too.

Here is a free app you can install that will sync your Fitbit to Apple Health…

Health Sync for Fitbit Lite – Sync Fitbit to Health

Is there an Android version?

Nearly! We are very close to launching Fitlink for Android so please complete this form to be one of the first to hear of the launch.

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