How Exercise Will Boost the Brain Power of Your Remote Team 

 Boost the Brain Power of Your Remote Team 

Boost the Brain Power of Your Remote Team with Exercise

Since the discovery in 1999 that mice who had access to running wheels had bigger brains and better memory than those who did no running, there have been many studies to show just how vital exercise is for our brains.

Exercise stimulates the structures of the brain

Our brains are made up of a vast network of neurons- these are the fundamental units of the brain. Exercise will stimulate these neurons, releasing higher levels of important hormones in the brain (both in the short term and long term) Just 10 minutes of running around the block will physically change the structure of your brain. Exercise is so powerful. Think of all the productivity improvement if your team were fit!


A study found that children with higher fitness levels had a larger hippocampus. This is the area responsible for memory formation and it’s also the area most susceptible to age-related brain ageing. There seems to be a direct link between aerobic fitness and brain performance. Another study found that exercise can grow hippocampus activity within just 6 weeks!

Getting moderate amounts of exercise will reward your brain and body.

Exercise has to be a habit that is sustained over the long-term, so if you use something like Fitlink you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, happy and productive workforce.

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It’s so easy to exercise with Fitlink. You’ll download an app where you can compete in leagues, earn rewards and get fit together. Your team will be highly motivated and full of energy whilst working out with their friends and colleagues virtually!

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