How to Improve Sleep

How to Improve Sleep

Use these easy tips to imporve the quality of your sleep. If you sleep well, your fitness journey will be so much easier.


How to Improve Sleep

Switch off at the end of the day

At then end of your working day draw the line between work and life by winding down. For home workers perhaps do something creative or go out for some fresh air in the hours where you’d otherwise be commuting home from an office. This will trick your brain into thinking that you’re coming home, and it will help you to de-stress in the process. 20 minutes can make a huge difference between you switching off for the evening and not. Ideas like walking for 20 minutes or playing some music can get your mind into a more relaxed place so you can come back even more productive after you switch off.

Maintain good sleep hygiene

Don’t tech your emails before bed and try to keep technology away from you, especially in the few hours leading up to bedtime. This will keep your mind and body in balance and help you to wind down before getting to sleep. Checking emails in the hours before bed will disrupt sleep and impact the performance of your next working day. Keep technology away from you and keep your brain calm and away from distraction before heading to bed.

It’s so Important to Stay Connected

Using HIIT will improve your health in so many ways. Remember that one of the most important ways to make fitness fun is to be social and stay connected. Simple workouts like running, riding or walking, paired with an app like Fitlink can really boost your mental and physical health over time because you’ll be connected to a global community of likeminded people who are after the same goal- to get fit, healthy and happy!