How Walking Can Get You Fit: Fitlink fitness tips

Here’s how walking can get your fit

Short bursts of exercise throughout the day are a great way to keep fit, be healthy and be productive. Active Breaks are great thing to recommend. Here’s how active breaks will help you:

Burn Calories

Taking 10 minute active breaks can play a part in burning energy and keeping you fit. Short bursts of walking increase your active minutes and help decrease body fat levels.

More Creative

Exercise has been proven to help you become more creative in work and life. A study found that exercise can increase creativity by an astonishing 60%.

More Energy

Being active gives you more energy and brain power. Even something as short as a 2 minute break can make a difference.

More Relaxed

Walking has been proven to make you more relaxed. This can help them sleep better too. More relaxed people often means that mental health is improved over time.

Get Fitter

Getting fit is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Fitness is one of the most important tools for health, happiness and overall quality of life. One of the most easiest and accessible ways to get fit is through the simple act of walking. It’s accessible to almost everyone.

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