Look After the Mental Health of Your Remote Team

Here are our top 3 tips on how to look after the mental health of your remote team.

1. Wake up and exercise at the same time each day 

Having a routine is key. One of the best ways to start your day is to exercise upon waking. If you’d normally be commuting into the office, why not take this time and be proactive? With virtual tech you’ll be able to connect with colleagues and friends who are also getting active. We like routine, and doing this at the same time each day is a great way to keep your brain and body healthy. 

2. Focus on fitness

Fitter people are far more likely to be healthy in both mind and body. Set yourself goals. They don’t have to be hard. Make them as easy as taking one 10 minute walking break each day. Then share it with someone, or upload it to a fitness app. Feel good about the small wins and you’ll find that fitness can be fun. 

3. Remember to stay connected

Just because we’re not physically exercising with a friend or colleague doesn’t mean we can’t connect. With things like Zoom and Google Meet we can have virtual meetings. When it comes to fitness we can stay connected with apps like Strava and Fitlink. Connection makes everything fun. Especially fitness. You’re more motivated when you know you’re doing it with others.

Here’s how to get moving when you work from home: