28th March 2018

ofo are our Latest Reward Partner

We are really excited to welcome ofo as our latest Reward Partner

We have been chatting with the guys at ofo for a few months now and love everything they do and stand for which supports our mission of making the world fit, healthy and happy. Our vision is to be the number one fitness platform in the world and we will partner with relevant brands that support our mission.

FIT LINK HQ is in Norwich so we are already very proud to have ofo bikes in our city. If you haven’t seen the bright yellow ofo bikes in your city yet, don’t worry, they are coming!

ofo Bike Hire

ofo’s eye-catching yellow bikes are hired through a smartphone app for just 50p for 30 minutes, with a maximum daily cap of £5, and can be picked up and dropped off anywhere that bike parking is allowed. ofo does not require riders to pay a deposit before use. To access a bike, riders can simply download the ofo app and unlock their nearest bike via Bluetooth connection. Once their ride is complete, users simply close the lock to complete their ride and make it available for the next person to use.

ofo Reward

ofo have provided an exclusive FREE RIDES Reward so once a FIT LINK member has tracked enough activities, unlocked and claimed the ofo reward, they will get 5 FREE RIDES on an ofo bike. The reward has just gone live in the FIT LINK app so go and check it out, get active, track some activities and claim some FREE ofo RIDES!

And the best part about the free ofo rides is that if you track the rides as an activity with FIT LINK then you will earn more points that will unlock more free ride rewards with ofo and FIT LINK. That’s a win win!

About ofo

Founded by five Peking University students in 2014, ofo is the world’s first and largest station-free bike-sharing platform. ofo was created for sharing and aims to unlock every corner of the world.  ofo is committed to providing the best short distance transportation solution, solving the “last mile” transportation problem by turning the last mile into a green, low-emission trip.

ofo UK launched a pilot scheme in Cambridge in April 2017 to signal the arrival of dockless bike share in the UK. Their mission is to a bring a convenient, affordable and low carbon method of travel to the UK.

Now active in multiple cities, such as London, Cambridge, Norwich, Oxford and Sheffield, ofo UK is proud to be a living wage employer and an accredited Bikeplus scheme member.

ofo also employs geofencing technology to ensure that riders use the bikes within the designated ‘Home Zone’ which is clearly visible in the app.

Visit the main ofo website here > https://www.ofo.com/

Author: Paul
Category: Active TravelRewards