Workplace Wellbeing: How to Increase It

Workplace wellbeing can be the key to loving your business and also the key to your employees loving where they work.

“Use a wearable fitness tracker.”

One of the best ways to do this is to use a wearable fitness tracker. 

Why they’ll increase workplace wellbeing?

1. Healthy Employees

Fitness trackers are proven to help employees get fit. This is because they motivate them to get fit. They’re also a way for employers to manage their workplace wellbeing campaign. Fitlink uses world-class digital tools to help you make your wellbeing campaign a success.

2. Get Connected

Fitness trackers rely on gaming techniques and social support. This gets people to connect with like-minded individuals. Get your employees getting fit together.

3. They’re Motivational

Wearable fitness trackers truly get your employees fit. A study found that people were more active within a month of using a fitness tracker. Use this in your wellbeing campaign and you’ll see results in your employees fitness.

4. They’re great for business

Did you know that 94% of employers say they would use a fitness tracker to increase physical activity of their employees in their workplace. It boosts your workplace wellbeing campaign which boosts your business!

5. The future is bright

The use of fitness wearables are a huge trend. By 2020, 90% of workplace wellbeing programmes will use them.

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