Reward Partners

Nows the time to add a layer of intelligence to your digital marketing.

Are you looking to unlock new sales and want a targeted channel of new customers?

We give brands a platform to advertise and promote their product or service directly to a niche market at a moment that matters most – when they are working out, training and in the zone!

We have the data, technology and insight to know exactly when and what the user wants and that’s where we connect our partners. We offer a platform, the tools and the data so you know exactly when to market your product or service in a powerful new way.

Promote your brand, product or service

There are a number of ways we can promote your brand, product or service at Fit Link. Here’s a list of options which you can pick and choose from, or just take the lot for maximum exposure.

Intelligent Marketing using Data Predictions

We have the data and insight that global e-commerce giants would die for. We know when our members are looking to buy new products, equipment and apparel and at exactly the right moment we are able to make product and service recommendations. The most powerful way to market to someone is when they are in the moment that matters most; when they are working out, training and in the zone!

Through our platform, we can promote your brand, product and service directly to your target market at the perfect time. It really couldn’t get any better and is the most targeted and highest converting form of e-commerce marketing you’ll ever experience.

We know exactly when people train, how often they work out and when they are most likely to buy new health and fitness related products or services. For example, you should change your running shoes every 450 to 550 miles, so we can send a targeted message at this time advertising your running trainer products, in the right size, type and location (if they wanted to pick-up!). And this message could be advertsing your running trainers!

Exclusive Rewards

We prefer to work with partners that offer exclusive rewards to our Fit Link community. You can supply three ranges of reward which will be listed in the rewards section of the app and website. Each of the three rewards should have incremental value, sort of like a bronze, silver, gold or for Fit Link, 100, 200, 300 point ranges. When a user earns enough points through tracking activities, they will unlock your reward(s) and spend their points on your reward. The reward gets sent to them and they visit you online or in-store to redeem. Some of our partners have already created offline and in-store campaigns around this as it’s a great way for you to encourage your customers to keep active with the motivation of winning your reward.

Exclusive Guides, Tips and Plans

Share and distribute content through the Fit Link global community. If you are a nutritionist or a personal trainer who’s looking to engage and signup new customers then becoming a thought-leader and generating a following online is a powerful and proven way to do this. We can provide you with a platform and the tools you need to attract your target market and convert them into customers. Our members have already expressed an interest in consuming, subscribing and paying for this type of content, so get in touch to see how we can help you grow your business.

League Sponsorship

Your logo, name and company information will be used to create a public league. Users will join your league and start to compete with each other. You can use the league to engage with users by offering prizes and rewards for league winners. Leagues repeat every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks meaning users can join anytime. Each time the league ends, you reward the winner with a reward that needs redeeming on your website or in store. Runner-up rewards can also be sent increasing traffic and footfall. And the whole time your brand is shown to all users of Fit Link increasing brand awareness and connecting your product or service to their training.

Targeted Email Broadcasts

Most of our members love to receive offers and rewards via email so we love to keep our members happy! Each week we round up some of the best rewards that are available and promote them to our members. We like to feature a partner within this email giving them maximum exposure. So if you have an amazing offer, some breaking news or some exclusive content you’d like to share with our community, then we can distribute that for you.

Inside the App

Using the images above you can see in the first screen that the user has earned 445 Points. In the second screen, the user can see locked and unlocked rewards based on the points he’s earned. The third and fourth screens show how a reward looks and the last image is the user redeeming a reward. And at this point, an email is sent which contains the reward and how to redeem it, whether that’s in-store or online.

To learn more, to get a demo and prices contact us and we’ll reply to set up a call or meeting.