Healthy Has Its Rewards

The great thing is, it’s easy to earn points.
Get up, get moving, get tracking.
That’s it. Cool perks, here we come.

Things You Love,
For Doing The Things You Love

You can unlock and redeem a handpicked selection of amazing health and fitness related rewards. We negotiate exclusive discounts and offers from our reward partners to give you better discounts, promotions, voucher codes, special offers, and more.

Connect And Earn

Connect your activity tracker to Fitlink and start earning. Each time you track an activity, your data is converted into points. After just a few tracked activities you will already begin to see your points racking up. Unlock rewards and spend your points to claim them.

We Love Our Reward Partners

We handpick a selection of amazing health and fitness related rewards for you to unlock and redeem.
To claim these rewards, download the app, get active and track some activities with Fitlink!

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