The Big Cost of Presenteeism- What is it and How to Fix it

Presenteeism is often cited as the biggest threat to productivity in the workplace.  It’s characterised by tired, sick and unmotivated employees who turn up to work but aren’t really there. It’s employee engagement down the drain and it’s more costly to a business than employee absence. 72% of people have observed presenteeism in their workplace and it costs businesses on average £605 per person each year. 

Yet we don’t hear as much as we should about presenteeism.


Because it’s hard to quantify. If an employee isn’t there, their absent and that’s called absenteeism. But if they are present at work, but limited and perform lower because of a health problem, the cause can be harder to see and quantify. 

27 days of productive time per employee are lost each year due to presenteeism. It’s sort of like an employee is present in their body, but not in their mind.  You’re paying for employees who are there, but not really there. You cannot afford to ignore it! 

The good news is that it can be fixed. 


By supporting your employees health and fitness. If you begin to take health and wellbeing seriously and make health a top priority, you as an employer can actually make a winning workplace culture that makes your employees want to be there. Studies have found that if you take action on the health of your staff, you can get an equivalent of at least 10 days back in lost time. That’s a huge change! 



Take action with a winning wellbeing solution. Fitlink for Business takes you and your employees on an adventure to improve the most neglected relationship in the world…

The one with yourself. Your body, mind and spirit.

By focusing on the important pillars of what makes a human happy:

 Exercise, nutrition, sleep and so much more…

You’ll have a workplace that is thriving both in profit and in people!

Health can seem complex, but a solution doesn’t have to be- this is why we exist.

We all deserve to feel fit and achieve 100% of what we came here to be.

By incorporating a workplace wellness program you will:  

  • Stop wasting time- eliminate the pain of presenteeism 
  • Improve engagement levels
  • Achieve improvements that can be measured
  • Kick start a workplace of health, happiness and fitness

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