Tools You Need to Keep You Fit When You Work From Home

There really is no better time to get into the shape of your life than when you’re at home and you’re working remotely. Whether you want to attempt to get stronger than you’ve ever been, want to lose weight or you just want a time-saving way to get fit, these are tools you need to get it right. Keep fit when you work from home and build an effective home workout set-up. 

Use these easy tools to work off stress, release feel-good chemicals, and boost your brain and body without having to step outside your front door. 

Wearables & Workouts 

If you only have the space to invest in one piece of fitness tech then any wearable would be a fantastic all-rounder for keeping a healthy body. You want motivation, competition and to feel more connected than ever. Wearables make it easy to get fit and stay fit. Get a wearable tracker and you’ll feel like you’re never working out alone again. You’re instantly plugged into a world of fitness.

Fancy a bit of competition? It’s great to feel connected and it makes workouts and being fit more fun. The Fitlink app (iOS and Android) will enable you to connect with colleagues and friends and make you fall in love with fitness. 

For the Strength Builder:

An Exercise Mat

It’s really that simple and if you don’t have a mat then use a towel. Tap into the world of strength training to get you ripped. There are many strength training workouts that can be done indoors, and you can track them so you can compete and connect with your friends. It takes simple moves to get fitter and if you link your workout to an app, you’ll monitor how hard you’re working and see your progress over time. 

For the Weight Loss Warrior:

A Skipping Rope 

This is a great piece of equipment for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Doing reps of skipping rope will increase your heart rate, and can be made into a great aerobic activity just like running but without stepping a foot out the door. 

For the  Time Saver:

Your Own Body. 

There are really no excuses for getting fit. All you really need is your own body and some motivation. Here are some easy workouts for you to try. Keep fit when you work from home. It really can be easy to get fit, and it’s so much easier when we do it together. Get connected with Fitlink.