Use Active Workstations When You Work From Home

Try standing desks, under-the-desk ellipticals, treadmill desks and even bicycle desks.

The active workstation promotes very light physical activity throughout the workday. This is proven to increase your health and wellbeing!

Active workstations can make your employees more focused and productive. They’re becoming more popular and are an accessible option to decrease sedentary behaviour at work. Now is the time to give them try!

Use active workstations when you work from home

One of the biggest reasons for not exercising enough is a lack of time, but the truth is we don’t need much time at all, and one of the best ways to keep fit is to keep active throughout the day.

Use active workstations when you work from home to:

  • Increase your physical activity
  • More job satisfaction
  • Better productivity
  • Live longer, be healthier and perform better overall

Burn Calories

It’s so important to exercise regularly. We know that physically active people are more likely to live a longer and healthier life. One of the reasons for this is due to the ability to burn off the calories they intake. People who have less body fat tend to have a far lower risk of chronic disease and are in overall better health. Burning calories through the use of active workstations are a great way to get fit.

Stay Connected

With technology like Fitlink, you’ll be more connected than ever. Challenge your colleagues and friends and watch how your fitness journey evolves. See who burns the most calories, takes the most steps, or has the most active minutes, and get rewarded for keeping fit.

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