Why Deep Breathing Is Good For You

Why Deep Breathing is Good For You

There are even more reasons than those above why deep breathing is good for you. Here is a great 5 minute deep breathing meditation session to cultivate mindfulness:

First of all, find a comfortable and preferably quiet place to sit. For example you could be seated on a chair or lying on your bed. Rest your hands wherever they feel comfortable and try to get as calm as you can.

Next, try to tune into your breathing and be aware of your body. Use all your senses and be aware of the sensations and experiences you’re having right now. Whatever you are thinking, there is no wrong or right thought. Just try to watch it without judging and feel the natural rhythm and flow of your body and breath.

Now, try to be aware and present here for about 5 minutes. Notice your breathing, in silence. You may get lost in thought from time to time and that is completely normal. Don’t judge this and instead, return to your breath. Let your breathing be natural and don’t try to force it. Let your body do what it’s naturally able to.

After a few sessions, you’ll start to find it easier to perform this meditation. You’ll also notice how when you become aware and stop any anxious thoughts, your body will become more relaxed.

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