Why You Should Walk More

There are so many reasons why you should walk more. It’s an easy and accessible way to get fit, and it’s a great way to boost the brain power and productivity of your team. Taking a 10 minute break every few hours when you work from a desk is a great way to feel energised.

Burn Calories

Walking just 15 minutes a day can play a part in burning energy and keeping you fit. Short bursts of walking increase your active minutes and help decrease body fat levels. 

More Creative 

Exercise has been proven to help employees become more creative. A study found that exercise can increase creativity by an astonishing 60%. 

More Energy 

Walking gives employees more energy so they can come to work with more brain power and a lot more energy to get their work done well. Even a short 2 minute break can make a difference. 

More Relaxed 

Walking has been proven to make employees more relaxed. This can help them sleep better too. More relaxed employees mean mental health is improved and so is workplace productivity. 

Get Fitter 

More physical activity means your employees will get a lot more fitter over time. Fit employees equal healthy and happy ones. 

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