28th December 2017

Wow, 2018 was the best year ever!

2018 was the year that you and your business get recognised and awarded for the work you did in making your workplace and your employees fit, healthy and happy.

By Q2 absenteeism levels were at an all-time low with productivity and overall moral improved – everyone just seemed more engaged and happier!

By Q3 recruitment had improved so much that job hunters were randomly sending in CV’s because you ranked in the top-ten of best places to work by Glassdoor. Plus, people weren’t leaving their jobs as much so replacing staff wasn’t such a problem anymore.

Finally, in Q4 you hosted the end of year health and fitness awards where teams got awarded for overall health improvements, most tracked miles, etc. Everyone had a fantastic night, with new health and fitness goals set for ’19.

Looking back over ’18, who’d of thought that by improving the health and wellbeing of your workplace would have such a dramatic effect on the performance of the business? Who’d of thought that there’s a direct link between employee health and fitness to business growth and profit? Who’d of thought that investing time and money into Fit Link for Business would have created the best year ever for you and your business?

Let’s talk and get you ready for those awards in 2018.

Author: Paul
Category: BusinessCompanyCorporate Wellness