The Future of Fitness and Fit Link

The Future of Fitness and Fit Link

So whats the future of Fit Link? Well, it’s a very exciting and positive one with so many technologies advancing at such rate. Below are some of the experiments and side projects we’re working on at Fit Link to constantly keep the platform evolving and at the cutting edge of technology.

FIT CHAIN [blockchain]

We are tracking and producing a tonne of data every single day. Most of this data is being uploaded to insecure sources and not under your control. For the quantified self, data is precious and holds enormous value, whether we know it or not. We need to take back control of our data and fitness data being the most valuable source to really understand you. If your health data was stored and shared securely you would be more inclined to allow doctors and insurance companies to view it in the hope it will help you.

So that’s what we are experimenting with at Fit Link, a way to save all fitness data on a blockchain making it decentralised and secure. Then, authorised third parties could access and view the data in a secure manner to offer services or products. You could allow your health insurance company access to this data to lower your policy because you are healthier than average.

FIT CARD [currancy]

Another feature we are testing is the ability to convert Fit Link points into currency which is then deposited to a registered Fit Link pre-paid credit card. The pre-paid card would be linked to you and your Fit Link account allowing you to convert points to cash and withdraw to your card. You can then spend this on anything you like.

FIT BOT [chat and voice]

Chat and voice bots are incredibly useful when they actually improve our user experience. Too often we see the bad execution of a bot where it makes the user experience worse. This is why we have been experimenting with this concept for some time now. The way we see this improving Fit Link is the bot delivering timely messages and notifications to the user in a non-intrusive way. And allowing the user to converse with the chatbot to learn more. This would be tied into our AI functionality so things like training plans or reminders would be sent via the bot, rather than an email or push notification. It will allow the user to respond to an action meaning the AI can adjust accordingly. And the whole experience would be in a conversational flow and in natural language via chat or voice.

FIT AI [artificial intelligence]

Most of the activity trackers and wearable tech solutions we use today are great at logging and reporting on past events. What we’re working on at Fit Link is adding real value to the user in the form of recommendations and guides which have been learnt from examining the user’s historic fitness and social data. Examining 1 or 2 years worth of data will highlight any patterns in our behaviour, our moods and our activities. Why are some runs amazing and some really bad? Why are some days great and some just terrible? From my personal experience, things like what we eat, how we slept or how hydrated we are will have a huge impact on our day and activities. But for most us, being able to keep track of our life events to spot these patterns is impossible, so that’s where FITAI steps in to do it for us.

If you would like to learn more about the future of Fit Link then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.